Sustainable & touristic development


Our expertise in the field of the touristic development leans on a robust university education in domains of the social sciences (geography, tourism), combined in 6 years of work experiences within regions, tourist destinations or private offices, in Switzerland and abroad (France, Quebec).

The last 2 years, Anne Sophie Fioretto, during his pre-doctoral in tourism studies, has deepened his interdisciplinary and systematic vision of the touristic development to work according to a concept of " management integrated by the touristic ressources ". It is mainly on the basis of the touristic ressources of the territory " that tools and measures will be created and set up with the actors of the local development.
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Our fileds of expertise 

  • Elaboration of global strategies (tourist diversification,marketing strategy) and guiding conceptions (designs)
  • Expertise, diagnosis, audit and recommendations to optimize the functioning of tourist structures
  • Management and support of projects 
  • Assembly of technical files within the framework of the programs INTERREG IV, Innotour ( SECO), etc.
  • Councils and technical studies in the domains of the accommodation of leisure activities, ski lifts and for the development of new activities and infrastructures
  • Communication and marketing

Methodologie: systemic vision of touristic development (Fioretto, 2006)

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Pictures (copyright Pacte3F)

Photos Développement touristique

Anne Sophie Fioretto: responsable développement touristique.
Un outil de base: le diagnostic touristique
Un enjeu actuel: comment réchauffer les lits froids ?
Notre vision: encourager, valoriser et préserver les sites d'intérêts
Un exemple de bonne pratique dans le Tyrol du sud: Fane Alm, nouveau "spot touristique" !
Entre plaine et montagne: des enjeux de développement différents...
Exemple d'hôtellerie décentralisée à Zermatt
Le barrage d'Emosson: un site touristique
Verbier: une station touristique "étalée"
Babel 1800: un modèle ? (par Francois Fugier)
Station Mont-Tremblant: un resort, made by Intrawest
Mission prospective (par François Fugier)
Le Valais a besoin de cadres qualifiés: découvrez le Master en études du Tourisme de l'IUKB
Un guide pour les porteurs de projet Culture, Nature et Tourisme par le SANU

Services and tools

We realize different services: 

 Tableau DTour

Our customers: 

  • Municipality
  • Touristic office
  • Department / Government
  • Team project / expert
  • Tours operator &  professionnal in real estate

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