Spatial development


Pacte3F supports municipalities in their spatial development. The spatial dimension is particularly important because the social and economic life takes place in space, as well as the use of environmental resources. Have a clear vision of its development allows municipalities to increase their resources consistently and incrementally, avoiding conflicts.


Pacte3F imagine spatial development in terms of sustainability. To this end, during the project planning, Pacte3F combines the technical aspects to the economic, social, environmental and political realities.

Pacte3F carry out a spatial evaluation, define the objectives and local development scenarios, and provide tools for their implementation (working group plan actions, regulations, etc.).

Prestations & outils

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Our main customers

  • Municipalities
  • Regions
  • Project leaders: association, private, NGOs

Our partners: a community expertise ! 

In order to complete our team, we want to be real project teams or "communities of expertise" with our fellow engineers, surveyors, architects, developers and graphic designers as well as enhancing our internal resources through the involvement of our mentors. Specifically, we create special partnerships to develop new for our mutual customers. Our motto: "Together we are stronger".

You want to join our "community of knowledge" and learn more, then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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